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​Wealthfront Review

What is Wealthfront & how does it work?

Wealthfront offers the kind of financial advice and automated investment management that appeals to new and seasoned investors alike: Helpful planning tools, diversified — and hands-off — portfolios and advanced tax optimization strategies. This robo advisor currently has $10.5 billion in assets under management. 

How it works is super simple: You invest your money into a Wealthfront account (there’s a minimum of $500). You can choose to use a tax-deferred individual retirement account (IRA) if you choose. Funds aren’t held by Wealthfront, but by the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). Wealthfront then allocates your investment into an assortment of exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Like many robo investing services, Wealthfront uses Modern Portfolio Theory to create an automated asset allocation, taking into account your risk tolerance and financial goals. The Wealthfront platform continually makes sure that the allocation is correct with automatic  rebalancing.

​Wealthfront Fees & Features
Minimum Investment
Wealthfront Fees
0.25% / yr - deducted monthly
Accounts Available
  • Traditional IRA
  • Roth IRA
  • 401(k) Rollover
  • Individual
  • Joint
  • Trusts
  • 529 College Savings
Tax Loss Harvesting
401(K) Assistance
Portfolio Rebalancing
Automatic Deposits
Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly & Quarterly
Financial Advice
Fractional Shares
Social Responsible Investing
Customer Service
Email or Call 844-995-8437 
Wealthfront Summary
Overall, Wealthfront appears to be an excellent Robo Adviser investment service. Now that Wealthfront offers tax-loss harvesting for all accounts, its service can minimize your annual tax liability.

If you’re a beginning investor who’s hesitant of jumping into individual security selection and management, Wealthfront would be an optimal choice. it’s also a superior vehicle for any passive investor, since the selection and maintenance of individual securities is completely unnecessary.

But it’s the everyday savers whom Wealthfront is particularly looking to reach. With its Path planning model, you can “set it an forget it” and let Wealthfront do all of the heavy lifting.

  • Tax-loss harvesting for all accounts
  • 529 Plan Option
  • Risk Parity
  • Stock Level Tax-loss harvesting
  • Path Planning tool

Best For:
  • New Investors
  • Seasoned Investors
  • Young Investors
  • Retirees
  • Smartphone Users
  • IRA Investors
  • Goal Oriented Investors

​For individuals who are looking for a more comprehensive online financial planning app with optional financial advisor advice, Wealthfront is a great option.
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