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​RealtyShares Review

What is RealtyShares & how does it work?

RealtyShares is a real estate investment platform that gives investors direct access to quality investment opportunities and real estate operators the ability to raise capital. From the partnerships RealtyShares develop with real estate sponsors to the service they deliver to investors, RealtyShares mission is to connect capital to opportunity. RealtyShares sees potential in delivering value and efficiency to real estate investors and operators through thier expertise, technology and data.

RealtyShares gives you access to a broad assortment of commercial real estate investment opportunities with minimums as low as $10,000, so you can build a diversified portfolio.

Investments carefully curated by real estate experts
Seasoned real estate operators come to RealtyShares seeking capital to improve and add value to commercial properties. Every investment opportunity they offer is vetted, negotiated and analyzed by several teams of in-house experts before it is available for investment on the platform.

Builds relationships with seasoned real estate operators with expertise in their markets and sources commercial real estate investment opportunities for review

Identifies the most promising opportunities, analyzes and assesses the proposed business plans and negotiates the investment structure and fees

Reviews the opportunity, drafts operating agreements and negotiates operating structure to ensure the appropriate legal rights designed to protect investor capital are in place

Performs extensive review of all diligence items, verifies the analysis and assumptions and stresses various scenarios to ensure the investment meets our standards

Provides final sign-off on an investment opportunity from senior leaders across every department

Reviews and approves the offering materials that are presented to investors on behalf of North Capital Private Securities, a registered broker-dealer

RealtyShares Fees & Features
​Minimum Investment
RealtyShares Fees
1% on equity; up to 2% interest rate spread on debt
​Accredited Investor
​Private REIT
Property Types
Commercial, Residential, Single Family
​Offering Types
Debt, Equity, Preferred Equity
​Secondary Market
RealtyShares Summary
Having the ability to diversify into real estate for a crowdfunding platform, particularly one that permits small real estate investments, is an excellent reason to use the services of a firm like RealtyShares. Fees are low, and the site provides all of the technical information you need. There are various pluses and minuses with the service, but RealtyShares would work better if it didn’t have the requirement for accredited investors. Crowdfunding generally democratizes investing, making it available to even the novice investors. The accredited investor requirement limits the platform to be used by high income and high net worth people.

  • Low minimum investment $5,000
  • Variety of Real Estate Offerings
  • Diversify into Real Estate with small investments
  • May have tax advantages
  • Choice of investment tyes
Prosperment Recommended